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Factory introduction

Covers more than 8000 square meters, 89 outstanding employees, including 2 senior engineers, 4 engineers, more than 60 sets of advanced professional production equipment.

Annual production and sales of casting special filter more than 1 million square meters, casting special foam ceramic filter more than 1.8 million pieces, casting special honeycomb ceramic filter more than 2.2 million pieces.

  • Environmental protection products
  • Advantageous markets conditions
  • Strong engineer team & Quality assurance
  • Highly & Deeply customized service.
Focusing On Filtration, Boosting Foundry!

In order to adapt to the development trend of “environmental protection, health and greenness” in the foundry industry, Cangchen has continuously introduced casting filtration products that meet the development needs of the foundry industry and can effectively help customers improve product quality and reduce costs. The new patented product "smokeless and odorless filtration mesh" will gradually replaces similar products on the market.

Factory environment

Main productions: High silica fiberglass filtration mesh, SIC ceramic foam filter, zirconia ceramica foam filter, alumina ceramica foam filter, extruded ceramic filter and metal wire mesh filter.

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